Condemned from the Bishops away from Los angeles, San Bernadino, and you will Lime State within this document

Condemned from the Bishops away from Los angeles, San Bernadino, and you will Lime State within this document

56. Frances M. Klug ( – states one Saint Joseph ‘s the Holy Spirit, which he has got started again towards business as a result of Frances Klug.

Have Blessed Red grapes – This is your merely restaurants when you look at the Chastisement

57. Timothy Snodgrass (king1.tictacwebsites/page/page/3674670.htm) – states a good prophetic relevance towards the go out out-of 6/6/06. 58. Michael DiBitetto and also the Faith Prayer Group ( – [Evaluation] 59. Patricia Talbot (an excellent.k.a great. Pachi) out-of Ecuador – says the Antichrist is within the globe now. 60. Mary Kathryn Johnson (Fr. Stephen Valenta is her religious movie director) – she encourages an adjusted particular the fresh secret medal; claims the initial magic medal out-of St. Catherine try incomplete; claims Mary named by herself Mediatrix of all of the Graces; promotes the fresh therefore-titled 5th and you may finally dogma

Barbara Flower Centilli (book title: Watching to the Attention of one’s Spirit) 67

61. Alois Irlmaier (questioned of the Conrad Adlmaier) ( – makes false claims towards 3 days away from darkness about throughout the the fresh battles one to predate they. 62. Dr. Mary Jane Also ( – says that the Antichrist is within the business now; says the 3 days of dark happens the season adopting the Miracle [which is certainly not genuine]; obscure predictions regarding poor weather. 63. The 2 Patricks ( – Patrick O’Kane and you will Patrick Rushe – claim that the brand new Antichrist is in the globe today; states Christ have a tendency to go back for this age group; says the Gospels were authored within this days of Christ’s passing; worldly language and you may victims; claimed () one Pope John Paul II will be changed of the “individual who isn’t from Me personally;” claimed Pope John Paul II are overthrown; Patrick claimed () “that pope who does become shortly after John Paul II carry out function as the deceiver, the fresh abomination, the latest antichrist;” says one ‘Jesus’ told you (): “This new deceiver sits through to the brand new Throne from My Peter” talking about Pope Benedict XVI. 64. Anna Marie out-of ( – new green scapular dedication are recognized throughout the 1800’s, but this group, which has misappropriated you to definitely term, is just like one other incorrect individual revelations. Some of the mistakes: an incorrect malfunction of your Caution, sensationalist messages on the latest occurrences, obscure predictions regarding unspecified disasters, etc. 65. Fr. Melvin Doucette – Our very own People of Prince Edward Island ( – [Evaluation] Fr. Melvin is with the incorrect visionary Joyce Ann Wagner (Burbank, California).

66. Wim Holtschlag (raphaelthearchangel) 68. Dominic Sanchez Falar ( – earlier made brand new heretical say that Mary is actually Goodness which the woman is the latest ‘soul’ of your own Holy Soul; states that the ‘Last Pope’ while the ‘True Antichrist’ usually strive on dying (so that each other die); says that God decided to go to Hell and can even perhaps not hop out until He’d suffered the distress due as punishment to the damned within the Heck. : Dominic keeps signed their website and then he features agreed not to ever name Mary once the Goodness anymore; he has got stopped to market his claimed private revelations (but still thinks that they’re correct). — according to age-e-mails acquired out of Dominic Sanchez Falar.

69. the newest Cover-Verdi prayer group – Cannes, France – St. Paul Catholic Chapel People in the team which discover visions operate that have convulsions, vomitting; you to definitely girl answered of the crushing windows up to their give bled of damaged mug; the fresh new messages point out that God are going back in the future. 70. Allan Rudio of your own Philippines ( Not the case states towards Chastisement, e.grams. ” 1. Make sure your entire windows is actually signed. Defense they which have a black colored Curtain so the Demon you should never enter their homes. 2. ” States you to Allan are able to see a corner on each supporters forehead, hence brightens and you may dims centered on their moods. The guy reported, centered on his personal revelations , the Warning from Garabandal create take place in 1995 (it did not).

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